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About Plate Mate

About Plate Mate

The Plate Mate is a patented product of Horena Trading Holland B.V. Twenty years ago, this company came up with a concept to provide a smart solution for lack of space in catering kitchens. Because the lack of storage capacity in kitchens and refrigeration units for prepared plates, required an innovative product.

In busy periods in particular, there is hardly any space for storing everything in a decent, accessible and hygienic manner. Moreover, kitchens are becoming smaller and more efficient due to the use of modern equipment, resulting in less deposit space. In addition, a different way of presenting, in other words, more garnishes on a plate, required a product that allowed for a smooth mise en place in large quantities. Thanks to the Plate Mate, prepared plates can easily be regenerated in the combisteamer.


Security for Dealers


Dealers who are observing a new economic trend in the smart and efficient space saver, make the right choice with Plate Mate. Countless of dealers around the world preceded you.

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