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What is the Plate Mate?

Plate Mate in the kitchenThe Plate Mate is a globally patented system that makes it possible to place every type of plate or bowl up to five centimeters high. Whether the tableware is round, square, rectangular or oval; every plate fits. This handles are rock solid and reduce the risk of rattling dishes to a minimum.


Easily adjustable

Adjusting the Plate Mate can be easily and manually done. On top of the plate stacker, there are adjustments dials. By turning these dials, the height between the red and black support applications can be adjusted. This allows for simultaneous placement of four different bowls or plates.


Space- and time saving

A large number of places can be placed easily and quickly on a very small surface. This makes it very easy to store (partially) prepared food in the refrigerator or hotbox. In addition Plate Mate has convenient covers that prevent dehydration and odor. The covers are also available in thermo edition. Serving from the Plate Mate saves time, which makes the work considerably more pleasant.



The Plate Mate is low maintenance and virtually indestructible. Cleaning it once in a while with a high pressure washer or a brush with soap solution is sufficient.



Plate Mate gives one year of full warranty to all products. Curious about the different Plate Mate models? Please quickly check our Plate Mate model overview.

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